Mechanical properties of biological samples

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# Where: Technická 4, 166 07 Praha

# When: November 5th 2019

# Price: 1 000,- without VAT (all expenses through the workshop; including coffee breaks and lunch)

Dear colleagues,

we cordially invite you to a workshop to be held on Tuesday 5th November 2019.


This workshop is organized in cooperation with prof. RNDr. Matej Daniel, Ph.D. from Czech Technical University in Prague and you will have an opportunity to see what improvements you can get by using Nanoindentation and Atomic Force Microscopy in your biological sample’s research. Schedule will be shared in a few weeks and you can look forward to BioSoft™ In-Situ Indenter and NanoWizard ULTRA Speed 2 AFM which deliveres exceptional performance true atomic resolution and fastest scanning with rates of 10 frames/sec.

If you are interested in this one-day workshop, please feel free to register on


This workshop is organized day before start of a conference Local mechanical Properties (LMP). This International Conference on Local Mechanical Properties will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, from Wednesday, November 6 to Friday, November 8, 2019. The 14th year of this conference is organized by the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering and as one of the invited speakers prof. Dr. Mike Swain will deliver his speech on Indentation Behaviour of Biological Tissues: Role of Included Fluid.

In case of your interest do not hesitate and register on the websites above to be part of this conference.

We also cordially invite you to visit us at our LMP conference booth.

We are looking forward to meet you!

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