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Where: Karlsruhe
When: 23rd-25th July 2019
Price: 4 000 CZK (covers accommodation)
Registration: you can register HERE

*Note: Capacity is limited
*NOTE: Travel and food expenses are covered by the organizer (do not forget to mention your allergies and diets in the form!)

Transport: provided by MTM, or you can travel on your own
Accommodation: Hotel Star Inn, Siemensallee 86, 761 87 Karlsruhe
Food: provided by MTM

Company Měřicí technika Morava s.r.o. cordially invite you to a workshop to be held in Karlsruhe (DE) on July 23rd-25th.

This workshop will be mainly focused on new AFM measurement modes (measurement of Nanomechanical, Nanoelectrical and Electrochemical properties) and unique method that combines AFM with Infrared Spectroscopy - AFM-IR.  


-         AFM-IR and s-SNOM
-         New Nanomechanical modes*
-         New Nanoelectrical modes*
-         New Electrochemical modes*

* for Dimension AFM‘s


-      Simplicity of tribology (UMT Tribolab)
-      Property mapping of X (XPM with Hysitron Nanoindentors)
-      Mechanical properties by QI mode (NanoWizard AFM’s)

 Preliminary schedule:


We will departure on Tuesday morning from Brno and will pick up people in Prague and Pilsen. On the first evening we will have a dinner together.


Bruker facility - main workshop day. Agenda will be released soon based upon optional program selection.


Forenoon – Bruker facility (half a day)

Departure around 1 p.m. through Pilsen and Prague to Brno. Estimated arrival to Brno between 8-9 p.m.


* Please note that after submitting the questionnaire you will get information about the payment. (Not later than 2 weeks before the event)

 * Information about the final schedule, departures/pick-ups will be delivered as soon as possible.



Měřicí technika Morava s.r.o. | Babická 619 | 664 84 Zastávka u Brna | tel.: + 420 513 034 408 | e-mail: info@mt-m.eu

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